Advisory Council of Classified Employees
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February 16, 2017, 9:00 a.m.
John Spotts Room, Memorial Student Center
Marshall University
Huntington, WV

  1. Call To Order, Introductions and Establish Quorum
  2. Greetings from Marshall University President, Dr. Jerome Gilbert (Carol Hurula)
    1. Other guests (Carol Hurula)
  3. Approval Of Minutes (October, November, December, January)
  4. Trish Clay and Bruce Cottrill -- liaison report
    1. Updates
    2. Questions from ACCE
  5. ACCE Meeting at WVU
  6. Legislative Issues Discussion
    1. Bills introduced to date
    2. Reaction to State of the State
  7. Discussion of campus issues
    1. WVU Tech elections issues
    2. ACCE Meeting at WVU
  8. Other Business
  9. Next ACCE Meeting: March 14 at MUGC
  10. Adjourn